Saturday, February 11, 2006

Electrical safety - ELECTRIC BLANKETS

Check the blanket and its lead for the following signs of
wear and tear.
– Fraying fabric
– Damp patches
– Damaged or missing tapes
– Worn lead
– Loose connections
– Scorch marks
– Exposed elements
– Creasing or folding
– Soiling

Get your blanket tested by an expert every three years. For details of who can test your blanket, ask the shop where you bought it or contact your council’s Trading
Standards Department.

Replace electric blankets every 10 years. Never buy second-hand blankets and look out for the British or European safety mark

Use your electric blanket safely

Don’t get an electric blanket wet. If it gets wet,don’t use it until it is completely dry. Never switch it on to dry it.

Always follow the instructions.

Store electric blankets flat or rolled – never fold them

Leave a blanket switched on all night only if it has thermostatic controls that make it safe to use all night. Otherwise, switch it off and unplug it before you get into bed.

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