Sunday, February 12, 2006

Escaping from a high rise

Talk through your ‘escape plan’ with everyone who lives in your home. Always include children, the elderly and disabled people.

Choose an escape route – avoid lifts and balconies. Plan how you would get out of your own flat and escape from your floor.

Choose a safe room, ideally one with a phone, and a window that opens. If you can’t escape, you are safer in a room, lobby or corridor as they are
protected by fire-resistant walls.

Escaping from a high rise

Make sure everyone knows where the stairs are. It is easy to get confused in the dark, so count how many doors you need to go through. Don’t use the lift.

Make sure everyone knows where the fire alarm operating points are.

Check there are no boxes, rubbish or anything which can catch fire easily in corridors or stairways.Make sure doors to stairways and fire escapes are not
locked. Regularly check you can open these doors from both sides.

Escaping from a high rise

Even if there is a fire warning system in your block of flats, you should still get a smoke alarm for your home – it will respond quicker and give you vital extra
time to get out.You should fit it in the corridor or lobby area outside the bedrooms.

If you need help or advice on which is the most suitable smoke alarm for you or where to install it – contact your local Fire and Rescue Service (fire
station). They will be happy to advise you.

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