Friday, February 10, 2006


Prevent overheating – use the right fuse

  • Use a ‘bar-type’fused adaptor on a lead, rather than a ‘block-type’adaptor.
  • Appliances that use more than1000 watts (for example, kettles,computers, toasters,washing machines and hairdryers) need a 13-amp fuse.
  • Throw away and replace damaged cables.Never use tape to mend or join cables.
  • Don’t plug adaptors into adaptors – use one adaptor in each socket.
  • Keep the outer covering of the power lead securely inside the plug. Make sure the internal wires are firmly in place and that the right colour wire is in the right place
  • Never run cables under mats or carpets where you cannot see wear and tear.
  • Appliances that use up to 700 watts (for example,TVs, table lamps, radios, videos, DVD players and electric clocks) need a 3-amp fuse.
  • Don’t allow the total amps of all plugs in the adaptor to add up to more than 13 amps (or 3000 watts of power).
  • Appliances that use 700 to 1000 watts (for example,vacuum cleaners, small electrical tools, blenders and food processors) need a 5-amp fuse.

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